Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MPI Active Nonviolence

Working through the different types of power during a presentation in our Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI) class on Active Nonviolence (ANV), we introduced the power of Love as the most powerful and omniscient force in the universe. One participant shared how that power is challenging her to see her presence in the class as part of God's direction for her. She is from one of Mindanao's troubled areas and her father and uncle have been shot. This institute is part of her healing, she asserted, as she discovers the dynamics of nonviolence.

The class is looking at effective methods of change through the use of ANV. The use of nonviolence leaves communities stronger and more secure. Violence has asserted itself in many contexts as the only option. It is not. A majority of the time people meet each other the interactions are amicable and problems solved through simple negotiation. Nonviolence is the norm of human relationships while violence is abnormal.

While this is the seventh year I am facilitating at MPI, this the fourth year I am co-facilitating the ANV class with Myla Leguro, a Filipina who has worked nearly 20 years at peacebuilding here in Mindanao. Its a privilege and honor to work with someone so experienced and talented.

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