Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Schematic for Peace: Connections

The most basic and easily overlooked part of any schematic is the lines between components. Taken for granted by anyone reading a schematic, they are vitally important. Why? Because if there are no connections between devices, no current will flow and you have a bucket of parts but not a working system.

From computers to toasters copper wires or traces on a circuit board are used to make the connections between individual components. In my years of tinkering with electronic gadgets I have found two major reasons why things quit working. First, too much current has passed through the copper wire or trace and it has melted open. Second, with time and stress, the solder joints, used to bond two components together, get loose and no longer make connection.

Peacebuilding has parallels to these maladies in circuits. Peace is about relationships; with self, others, nature and with a higher power. These connections can fail because they are not strong enough or have been stressed too much. In dysfunctional relational systems, peacebuilding concerns itself with rebuilding the dis-connections and rebonding those connections that have come loose with too much stress. The repair comes through diagnostics and implementing a fix that will restore connections. These are topics of coming postings. Stay tuned…

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