Monday, March 16, 2009

Three Generations...

Three Generations of Death, Three Generations of Hope
Jon Rudy
January 22, 2004
Mae Sot, Thailand

A drab grey canon sits outside the high school
testament to the madness of a world at war
proud of her projectiles of death
symbol to our children might makes right

An windowless highschool built as a fallout shelter
proclaiming the lunacy of the world
form meets function in extreme efficiency
message to youth; “you have no future”

The video gaming sport of death
shoot the enemy, watch him explode
profit on playing with virtual weapons
subtle training for a warrior nation

* * *

Our grandfathers resisted the draft
meek opposition to the face of global conflagration
heritage that said no and yes to death and life
paving the way by their witness

Our fathers marched in the streets
speaking truth to insanity
hammering bombs as an act of creation
doing time in jail for protest; the crucible of hope

As a father will I resist?
the slow march of soldiering youth
toward the rigidity of thinking
that guns make peace?

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  1. Perhaps we can start devising ways to create "peace" video games instead of trying rid the world of war video games. Guitar hero strikes me as a "peace" game, teaching someone to flow in harmony with their favorite music.

    Keep it flowing.

    love ya bro.