Friday, March 27, 2009

Upcoming Seminar

The Good News of Christ Confronts a World of Violence
for pastors, church leaders, teachers, parents, young adults and students
facilitated by Jon Rudy

With violence fast becoming a universal framework for working out all sorts of disagreements, this seminar will explore how a missional church can overcome the violence which is a fundamental concern for people hearing the preaching of the gospel.

We will explore the violence of our culture, look to Jesus as the starting
point for engaging violence, examine Old Testament theology as it pertains to violence, and focus on assumptions of change. We will also explore how Christian nonviolence, relying on the Holy Spirit's transforming power, gives witness to the Kingdom of God here and now.

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  1. Hi Jon,

    It's nice to have found your blog! I hope your family is doing well--say hello to Carolyn for me. Matt and I have been in Boston since we returned to the States from Iran in 2006, but in the summer we are moving to Chicago. We'd love to see you in either place if you happen to pass through. Blessings,
    Laurie Pierce